Monday, October 06, 2008

Why is Kmail so difficult about importing from Kmail?

It seems that every time I switch distributions, the one application that gives me the most headaches is Kmail. Whenever I try to import my old mail, it never gets the folder structure right... it doesn't see the subfolders, and I have to import them, rename them, etc. folder by folder. I also have to recreate my identity and my account settings. How come? Am I missing something?


  1. I have never even tried importing, I just copy the mailbox directory structure over from my backup. The only problem I can recall is that Kmail then thinks every email is unread.

  2. My issue with importing very likely came from my (hopefully) past habit of distro-hopping, going back and forth from KDE 3.5.9 to 4.0, and back again in multiple distros. What it accomplished over the months and years was a huge conglomeration of very confusing files in my mail directory. I found them, though!